Configuration options updating operating system

You can also immediately clear the contents of the cache.

This post demonstrates different device management procedures that will help keep your #Apple i Phone 7 (#i Phone7) software more stable and efficient.

The version of Watch Guard System Manager you use must be the same as, or higher than, the version of Fireware OS on any Firebox it manages.

For information about how to upgrade a Fire Cluster, see Upgrade Fireware OS for a Fire Cluster.

You can specify the amount of disk space the cache can use here.

I strongly recommend leaving these settings alone, but there may be times when you want to disable automatic updating, or for some other reason it is turned off and you need to turn it on.

Here's how to manage automatic updating in ​Windows 7 (articles already exist on how to do this for Vista and XP).

Software that is out of date can be insecure, unreliable or both.

Microsoft releases regular updates on a monthly schedule.