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For a taste of those totally zany antics, here’s the US trailer: Channel Nine have had this in the works for some time now.

The show was first announced in late 2013, before being delayed after another of their dating shows failed dismally.

More information The Dark restaurant chooses to employ sighted waiters, but kits them out instead with night-vision goggles. At the end of the meal, love letters, apologies and confessions are publicly read out in the dark.

Looking like a cross between a cyborg and a navy seal team, they'll lead you to your table, ask you what meals you do not like or do not want to have (presumably so they can make sure you get it) and tell you what to do to go the restroom. Best hope your partner is there with their lover too.

Marshall Heald, SBS Director of Television and Online Content, said: “Undressed is much more than a dating show. “I think it’s going to create some noise and controversy and it’s a good thing for us to have people talking about the show,” Nine’s Head of Programming Andrew Backwell told at the time.“I think we’ll be criticised that we’re playing with the sanctity of marriage and people will have an opinion one way or the other.But I’m hoping people will come and see the reaction of each couple, as they see each other at the altar for the first time.That moment is priceless.” Finally, it appears the network has found the perfect time to finally begin promoting the show: the week the Australian senate prepares to finally talk about same-sex marriage..