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Once we break through your current beliefs, we can structure a path forward to your ideal dating partner.

Are you tired of being put in the dreadful friend-zone?

The Academy will also identify any of your negative dating patterns and reprogram them to achieve your best possible success!

Are you worried about your personal appeal or attractiveness towards men?

The pricing structure of the course may lead some people to rush through it and not devote enough time to each exercise.

Takes more of a numbers game approach to dating, and not that useful for women who might be out of your league if you are a beginner.

The Academy will improve your attraction level to men by pinpointing incongruency in your presentation.

There is abundant research that shows that having a supportive, healthy love partnership leads to more happiness than a great job or lots of money.

It’s really at the core of a fulfilling life, which is why we spend SO much time and energy pursuing it.

Another important factor in attraction is body language and subliminal cues.

You may be the hottest woman on the planet, but if you don't understand when the right time to touch his leg or bat your eyes at him, then he may never decide to lean in for that first kiss. I took what I learned from the experiment and created The Em Lovz Academy.