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For example, as space flight becomes more routine, operating costs can be expected to fall dramatically, opening the possibility of space tourism to a wider range of participants.

With many people living in space, satellite repair will become feasible, making "faster, better, cheaper" satellite production more easily attainable.

Asa Butterfield: Well, I read the script years ago, actually.

The first time I read it was the same time I read Ender’s Game, so that was a long time back. When I first read it, the character was younger and he kind of aged as new versions of the script came through.

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I was always a fan of the script and the story, this sci-fi adventure romance, it was on the phone with Asa a few months back for the following interview.LRM: You’ve been in a bunch of movies based on books and for some reason I thought this one was also, but it’s not, so how did you find out about it and get contacted to do it?The colonists, and those supplying them with provisions, are undoubtably going to bring a range of innovations about we cannot yet imagine, boosting the world's economy with a crop of new products and services.With established colonies at L5, expansion of the human sphere of influence beyond our immediate planetary realm will become the reality so many have dreamed of.