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Even then they couldn't make it up for the abortion of a system called Wii U.I dont normally do homebrew but I didnt hesitate one moment when modding my Wii U. It could be that Crunchyroll really is that good, or that these folks just love Anime.Or, it could be a not-so-subtle way of telling 5.5.2 users that the Crunchyroll app will be the next entry point for hacks on Wii U firmware 5.5.2.The two I have tried are Wii SCU and Pimp My Wii *, either of which can be used to update channels.

To install channel updates without installing a system update you will need a homebrew application designed to update specific Wii Channels while avoiding a system update.When a new update becomes available, Nintendo sends a message to connected systems notifying them of the available update.Several game discs, both first-party and third-party games, have included system software updates so that players who are not connected to the Internet can still update their system.But sometimes system updates contain updates for individual channels, and in some cases, as with the Shopping Channel, you cannot use that channel without the update. Answer: First off, I'll remind everyone that Nintendo isn't updating the Wii anymore.If you are running the final Wii OS version 4.3, then you probably shouldn't have to worry about this.