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He then goes on to push, kick and slap the woman, while her hands are tied behind her back.

In another it shows an agent shoving a stick between a man and the chair he’s sitting on, before being slapped and punched.

Perhaps noticing that her webcams had sprung into action, Chip-chan hid behind one of her signs.

Internet users scrambled to find someone who could decipher Chip-chan’s cryptic messages, and a bizarre story began to coalesce around her.

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There are about 3,500 people doing webshows like this in South Korea, Reuters reports.

Whether she is trying to see what happens when she sleeps (which can be for up to 20 hours a day) or whether “P” is trying to keep track of her, thousands of people across the world watch Chip-chan’s life, saving videos and still images to post online, alongside their theories about why she lives and behaves so strangely.

Students must have access to high speed Internet, a microphone, speakers (or a headphone), a webcam (optional), and a printer/scanner/smartphone for scanning/uploading written assignments.

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