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The best pivots in Internet history tell the tales of the tech startups who began their journey to the top as one type of company then made a drastic change for the better.It's hard to think about a world without Internet giants like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, but without their well-timed pivots, they'd be much different from the companies we know today.

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There are three different stories: it began as an online video dating site, trying to make an easy way to view videos of Janet’ Jackson’s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction and the 2004 Tsunami, or making a site for sharing dinner party videos.Each of the You Tube co-founders was an early employee at Pay Pal, the online payment company co-founded by Elon Musk, who you probably have heard of, though you can’t afford one of his electric cars.More than likely they made enough to quit their day jobs and pursue their own interests.If it seems like heavy-handed ring-fencing, the Lions would point out that their brand is a shooting star – every four years it burns brightly but not for long – and that they have a duty to their sponsors.They also have charity dinners to sell out themselves and the next is in Edinburgh the day after Cambridge’s – a seat is yours for £249 (€293).