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He was charged with a fourth-degree crime of perjury, according to records.

Authorities said that Castillo-Munoz is 50 years old.

About 5-seconds into the footage, a flying object appears from the right side of the shot, travelling right in the line of the eruption Alien hunters are abuzz with theories after the sighting of what they claim is a UFO passing over a volcano in Mexico.

Pelabuhan ratu akan sedikit berubah, pasalnya sebuah pelabuhan regional akan segera di bangun di daerah ini.

Pemerintah provinsi Jawa Barat mengaku sudah matang dengan rencana pembangunan ini.

Castillo-Munoz brought the attention of law enforcement on himself on Sunday when he reported that he was robbed of 0 by two men at gunpoint in the "tunnel" entrance to a building on Main Street in Madison.

Madison police said in a release Thursday that Castillo-Munoz made up the story of being robbed, after they reviewed area video surveillance camera images.