Who is breanna yde dating

At that point, she got an opportunity to assume the part of Frankie Hathaway in the Nickelodeon sitcom TV arrangement “The Haunted Hathaways,” which was disclosed from 13 July 2013 to 5 March 2015.

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She's a daredevil when it comes to challenges, and a rocker when it comes to the band!

We're so sad that season two is coming to a close for Tomika, Summer, Freddy, Zack and Lawrence (and Mr. 28, but *so* excited to chat with one of the show's stars, Breanna Yde (Tomika). “He was super awesome,” Breanna said of the musician.

The 13-year-old gave us all the inside info on , but one of Breanna’s favorite parts of the show is the star-studded list of guest actors. “It was really cool to talk to him about music and all the different people he’s worked with.

We did a 5-hour scene with him and the funniest part was when we were jumping up and down on these bungee cords, it was crazy!

” On the final song On the season two finale, Tomika and her classmates get the chance to give their music to super producer Mick Bronson at the Austin Music Festival.